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CryoComp Ver 5.3, the cryogenic materials thermal properties database and thermal analysis program for Windows, is available for licensing from Eckels Engineering Inc. CC5.3 is a version compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, Vista, Windows 7, and XP; their 32 and 64 bit operating systems; as well as Excel 2003, 2007, 365, and 2016.


Ver 5.3 incorporates 10 new properties while keeping the analysis procedures enjoyed by EEI’s customers who number in the hundreds. CC5.3 has Windows type pull-down tab selections, a user created property database file capability, a thermal property data file that launches directly into Excel and other applications, and i2 t computations. The 10 new materials included are Nitronic 33, DHP Copper, Diamond, Polyimide, Platinum, Vanadium, Macor, A286, and Kromark Stainless Steel.


Users can rapidly/ efficiently complete cryogenic designs facilitated by dimensional data entry pull-down windows and outputs of temperature dependent thermal diffusivity, heat leak, thermal contraction, cool-down enthalpy change, thermal conductivity integral, and the i2t parameter. Instructions for using CryoComp are listed in the application guide link. Some frequently performed design computations appear below:

1.       Thermal contraction reference temperature is easily changed.

2.       Heat leak and contraction of cooled thermal isolation support struts.

3.       Burnout time/current of uncooled electrical conductors.

4.       Cooldown enthalpy of thermal isolation supports struts and cold masses.

5.       Cooldown time estimates of simple structural components.

6.       Resistance of uncooled leads.

7.       Thermal conductivity integral of components.

8.       Compound lead/conductor, thermal mass stabilized, analysis.


The list of CC5.3’s material property data and temperature range is available on this site. The ranges are generally 1 to 300K although some recent additions’ range from 0.6K. Copies of the User Manual, Installation Manual, and User Application Guide are also available within this site as are some notes about the Authors.


All CryoComp new version purchases allow up to 10 single site users at a single site per license; upgrades continue the original 10 user, single site limit. The prices for CC5.3 follow:

                                $495 USD for new customers.

                                $495 USD for customers upgrading from CC3.x*

                                $300 USD for customers upgrading from CC4.x, CC5.0, and 5.1*

$200 USD for customers upgrading from CC5.2.*

*There is no increase in the licensed user limit of the original purchase (10 users total, all versions at the single site) with upgrades.


Various delivery methods are available upon request. There is no delivery charge for emailed zip files. First class postage is free with the US. International mailing is paid by the customer. Interested parties should contact Mr. Eckels at the addresses below.



TEL: 843.661.2829   FAX: 843.661.2829