About The Authors


CryoComp  for Windows Ver. 5.2, the latest version of the CryoComp program series currently used in many prestigious institutions worldwide, is the result of collaboration between Mr. Robert Stewart providing computer programming and Mr. Eckels providing materials and cryogenics technology. Earlier DOS versions were the result of an early 90’s collaboration between Dr. Vincent Arp (NBS retired) providing programming and Mr. Eckels providing properties data.


Mr. Eckels has more than 45 years of experience in superconductivity, cryogenics and associated low temperature physics technologies applied to low temperature testing, cryogenic design, superconducting magnet development and rotating machinery development. He was a consultant for MEVION Medical Systems during development and implementation of the compact superconducting synchrotron. He served as Chief Engineer of the successful 5MW and 36.5MW HTS marine propulsion motors for the US Navy/American Superconductor Corp. Before that, while at GE Medical Systems, he led various functions in superconductor and superconducting magnet development as well as in MRI engineering service. Development of the successful “zero boil-off,” “open-magnet,” and Nb3Sn magnetic resonance therapy (Signa SP-2) technologies are some of his leadership activities at GE. Earlier, at the Westinghouse Research Labs., he was a leader in various large scale superconductivity projects, such as the 300MVA Superconducting Generator and Large Nb3Sn coil for Oak Ridge National Lab. Currently Mr. Eckels is a consultant specializing in low temperature materials, low temperature cooling systems, superconducting medical equipment, superconducting magnets, motors and generators, and related technologies.